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Tognetto & Hilbrig GmbH

Bayerwaldstraße 35a

D-81737 Munich-Germany


+49.89.670 001 50

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Mobile Phone:
+49.172.8510 394



Inks & Additives for Hitachi® products.

Up to 40 % cheaper.

Our high quality products, thus, completely compatible with your product. The use of our tools will definitely not lead to a defect to your product. Besides, when applying our tools, we take over all valid guarantees of your product.


1. Inks

  Manufacturer-Number Tognetto & Hilbrig Art. No.  
  Hitachi-JPK33 Z-741JPK33 Price inquiry / Order
  Hitachi-JPK72 Z-741JPK72 Price inquiry / Order
  Hitachi-JPK84 Z-741JPK84 Price inquiry / Order


2. Mak up

  Manufacturer-Number Tognetto & Hilbrig Art. No.  
  Hitachi-TH18 Z-7410TH18 Price inquiry / Order
  Hitachi-TH69 Z-7410TH69 Price inquiry / Order
  Hitachi-TH84 Z-7410TH84 Price inquiry / Order


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